Thursday, 17th April 2014

The K7RA Solar Update

ARRL Headquarters is closed for Good Friday on April 18, so the bulletin comes to you a day early.

After a few days in the doldrums on April 8-13 with sunspot numbers in the double digits, solar activity made a strong recovery over the following three days, with daily sunspot numbers of 105, 149 and 245. Sunspot numbers have reached this level several times in the past 12 months. On February 28,...

Wednesday, 16th April 2014

Amateur Radio Volunteers Provide Critical Support for 30th Challenge Cup Relay

Amateur Radio volunteers were key to maintaining safety and security for the thousands of law enforcement personnel who took part in the Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay (B2V) race on March 22. This year marked the 30th anniversary of the event, sometimes called “The world’s longest police foot pursuit.” The relay event covers some 120 miles of remote territory, from the Mojave Desert near Ba...

ARRL Headquarters Will Be Closed on Good Friday, April 18

ARRL Headquarters will be closed on Good Friday, April 18. There will be no W1AW bulletin or code practice transmissions and no ARRL Audio News on April 18. ARRL Headquarters will reopen Monday, April 21, at 8 AM Eastern Daylight Time. We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday!

Tuesday, 15th April 2014

Deadline is May 1 to Apply for ARRL Teachers Institute

The ARRL Education & Technology Program (ETP) is still accepting applications for all sessions of the ARRL Teachers Institute this summer. The application deadline is May 1. Admission decisions will be made by May 9.

Learn how to integrate science and mathematics with engineering and technology by exploring wireless technology!

Now in its 11th year, the ARRL Teachers Institute is a four-day, exp...

World Amateur Radio Day is Friday, April 18

“Amateur Radio: Your Gateway to Wireless Communication” is the theme for World Amateur Radio Day 2014, Friday, April 18. Radio amateurs celebrate World Amateur Radio Day each year on April 18 to recognize the anniversary of the founding of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) in Paris in 1925. ARRL Co-Founder Hiram Percy Maxim, 1AW, was its first president. The primary purpose of World ...

W1AW/x Portable Operations, W100AW, and W1HQ Can QSL via Bureau

You may request that QSL cards be delivered via the ARRL QSL Bureau system for contacts with the W1AW/x portable operations, W100AW, and W1HQ, now underway during the ARRL Centennial. You must first have an account with the QSL Bureau that handles your cards and have sufficient postage or envelopes on file with that bureau. Any cards that cannot be delivered will not be held or stored.

Please do...

Today’s National Hurricane Conference Amateur Radio Workshops Being Streamed Live

Amateur Radio workshop sessions at the National Hurricane Conference taking place today in Miami will be streamed live to the Web via the VoIP SKYWARN/Hurricane Net Support and North Shore Radio Association sites. The session schedule is listed on these links and below. Times are in Eastern Daylight Time:

10:30 Opening Remarks (John McHugh, K4AG)

10:35 Importance of Amateur Radio/Spotter Surface ...

Gear Up Now for ARRL Field Day 2014!

Monday, 14th April 2014

No ARRL Audio News for April 18

There will be no ARRL Audio News this Friday, April 18, due to the fact that Headquarters will be closed for the Good Friday holiday. Audio News will resume April 25.

K4ZLE Wins April QST Cover Plaque Award

The winner of the April QST Cover Plaque award is Jay Slough, K4ZLE, for his article “A 10 Meter Moxon Antenna.”

The QST Cover Plaque Award -- given to the author or authors of the most popular article in each issue -- is determined by a vote of ARRL members on the QST Cover Plaque Poll web page. Cast a ballot for your favorite article in the May issue today.


Monday, 14th April 2014

FUNcube/AO-73 Transponder Will Be Active Each Weekend

The FUNcube/AO-73 Amateur Radio transponder will be active full time (with low-power beacon) on weekends. FUNcube’s controllers will switch to full-time transponder mode during the first suitable pass over the UK on Friday, typically between 1930 and 22:30 UTC. (If this is not possible, the switch will be made on the first suitable pass on Saturday, typically between 0930 and 1200 UTC. Controll...

KickSat Project Announces Telemetry Download Competition

[Update: 2014-04-15 1905 UTC] The Spacex ISS resupply mission launch has been postponed due to a problem with the vehicle. Another attempt has been scheduled for April 18.]

Zac Manchester, KD2BHC, of the KickSat project is offering prizes to the first stations to copy telemetry from KickSat and from the “Sprite” satellites.

“I’ll be offering prizes to the first several people who receive telemetr...

W1AW Centennial Operations Shift States on April 16

The ARRL Centennial “W1AW WAS“ operations taking place throughout 2014 from each of the 50 states will relocate at 0000 UTC on Wednesday, April 16 (the evening of April 15 in US time zones), from Massachusetts and Virginia to Mississippi (W1AW/5) and North Dakota (W1AW/0). During 2014 W1AW will be on the air from every state (at least twice) and most US territories, and it will be easy to work ...

Sunday, 13th April 2014

Live Amateur Radio Digital TV Test Transmits Astronaut’s Image from the ISS

Japanese Astronaut Koichi Wakata, KC5ZTA, served as the host for a successful final commissioning pass April 13 for the Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) “Ham Video” transmitter and camera. Operating as OR4ISS from the ISS Columbus module, Wakata transmitted digital video and audio, as ground stations in France and Italy tracked the station. The Earth stations received cl...

Saturday, 12th April 2014

ARRL Asks FCC to Dismiss “Fatally Flawed” Petition for Rule Making Affecting 10 GHz

The ARRL has told the FCC that a Petition for Rule Making (RM-11715) from Mimosa Networks to permit unlicensed Part 15 wireless broadband services in the 10.0-10.5 GHz band is “fatally flawed” and should be dismissed. Mimosa filed the Petition in May 2013, and the FCC invited public comments last month. The Petition includes a band plan for 10.0 to 10.5 GHz that would cede Amateur Radio and Ama...

Friday, 11th April 2014

ARRL Website, E-Mail, LoTW, Online Store Will Be Down Monday Evening, April 14!

Internet service at ARRL Headquarters will go dark on Monday, April 14, from around 5 PM ET (2100 UTC) until around 10 PM ET (0200 April 15) in order to complete necessary maintenance.

Services affected will include e-mail to and from ARRL Headquarters (all incoming e-mail will be queued), access to the ARRL website, reflector traffic to and from ARRL Headquarters (all incoming reflector mail wi...

The K7RA Solar Update

Average daily solar flux weakened over the past seven days, and so did the outlook for the near term, at least until Thursday, April 10. Average daily solar flux declined from 149 to 142.2, while average daily sunspot numbers remained about the same, moving from 130.4 to 129.3

From the NOAA/USAF 45 day forecast, predicted solar flux is 140 on April 11-12, 145 on April 13-15, 150 on April 16-18, ...

HAARP Facility in Danger of Being Dismantled

According to an April 9 report in Alaska Dispatch, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) facility near Gakona, Alaska, could be decommissioned and dismantled altogether, unless the US Air Force can find a new prime contractor to take over the sprawling, 35-acre facility. According to the report, the Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks is hoping to pu...

Thursday, 10th April 2014

Crimea is Not a New DXCC Entity

The ARRL Awards Committee has evaluated the current situation in Crimea in light of the DXCC rules and has determined that Crimea is not a DXCC entity. Neither Russia nor Ukraine is a rare entity and the vast majority of confirmations used for DXCC credit for either entity do not involve Crimea.

DXCC Rule 4 reads: “Confirmation data for two-way communications must include the call signs of both ...

The 2014 ARRL Rocky Mountain Division Convention Changes Venue

Due to extenuating circumstances, the 2014 ARRL Rocky Mountain Division Convention, originally scheduled to be held July 11-13 in Laramie, Wyoming, will take place instead August 8-10 in conjunction with the Duke City Hamfest, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Laramie event has been cancelled.

Led by the same individuals who organized the 2011 Division Convention in Taos, the annual Duke City Hamf...

Monday, 7th April 2014

W1AW Centennial Operations Shift States on April 9

The ARRL Centennial “W1AW WAS“ operations taking place throughout 2014 from each of the 50 states will relocate at 0000 UTC on Wednesday, April 9 (the evening of April 8 in US time zones), from Pennsylvania and Oregon to Massachusetts (W1AW/1), Virginia (W1AW/4), and Puerto Rico (W1AW/KP4). During 2014 W1AW will be on the air from every state (at least twice) and most US territories, and it wil...

Friday, 4th April 2014

The K7RA Solar Update

Average daily sunspot numbers declined over the past reporting week (March 27 to April 2) from 135.6 to 130.4, compared to the previous seven days. Likewise, average daily solar flux drifted lower, from 153.2 to 149.

The current prediction (from USAF/NOAA on April 3) has solar flux at 155 on April 4, 160 on April 5-8, 150 on April 9-10, 140 on April 11, 135 on April 12-13, then 140 and 145 on Ap...

Celebrate Ham Radio — WARD 2014

As is well known to all, World Amateur Radio Day (WARD) is celebrated every April 18 to commemorate the 1925 creation of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) in Paris, France. The IARU’s job is to watch over the interests of the Amateur Radio community around the world. Each year WARD has a different theme and in 2014 the theme is “Amateur Radio: Your Gateway to Wireless Communication.”...

Hams on Alert in Wake of Chile Earthquake

A magnitude 8.2 earthquake occurred off Northern Chile on April 1, and a powerful 7.6 magnitude aftershock rocked the area on April 3. After the initial temblor, the Radio Club de Chile activated in collaboration with ONEMI, the National Emergency Office of the Ministry of Interior and Public Security.

Radio amateurs established an emergency communication net using 7.050 and 14.255 MHz, accordin...

More Peanut Butter and Jelly: FCC Drops the First Shoe in 5 GHz U-NII Devices Proceeding

The FCC has taken the opening steps on its proposal (ET Docket 13-49) to make available another 195 MHz of spectrum at 5 GHz for Part 15 unlicensed National Information Infrastructure (U-NII) devices. U-NII devices use “wideband digital modulation techniques to provide a wide array of high data rate mobile and fixed communications for individuals, businesses, and institutions,” the FCC has expl...

Thursday, 3rd April 2014

Stormy Weather May Force Retreat of Mellish Reef VK9MT DXpedition Team

Update from VK9MT:

The VK9MT DXpedition ended operations at 0330 UTC on April 4.

'Due to the ever-worsening weather associated with an impending tropical storm, the team decided in the interest of safety to end the operation early.

The last night on the island was extremely difficult. With continued heavy rain and wind, radio operations were nearly impossible. We have set sail for the Australian...

Wednesday, 2nd April 2014

Washington Aeronautic Safety Law Exempts Amateur Radio “Guyed Towers”

Washington Gov Jay Inslee has signed into law legislation aimed at providing a safer “flying environment” for pilots of aircraft engaged in “low-flying activities,” such as crop dusting and search-and-rescue. The new law includes provisions to alert pilots to “guyed towers that may be erected at short notice” that might be hard to see and pose an air safety hazard, and it contains specific mark...

Tuesday, 1st April 2014

Solar Flare Causes March 29 Radio Blackout, Minor Geomagnetic Storm Expected April 2

NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) has reported that a brief radio blackout “event” occurred on March 29 at 1748 UTC, the result of an “impulsive” or short-lived R3 (strong) solar flare. Extreme ultraviolet radiation from the X-1 class event “sent waves of ionization rippling through Earth’s upper atmosphere and disturbed the normal propagation of terrestrial radio transmissions,” Sp...

Tom Clark, K3IO, to Speak at AMSAT/TAPR Banquet

ARRL Calls for Timely, Visible FCC Amateur Radio Enforcement

In comments filed in response to the FCC’s February 14 Report on Process Reform (GN Docket 14-25), the ARRL has called for a more visible, responsive Amateur Radio enforcement program. The League also said it was concerned that FCC policies for adjudicating certain complaints of interference to radio amateurs, especially those involving electric utilities, provide no incentive for the utilities...

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