Saturday, 24th January 2015

Hudson Division Delivers Inaugural Donation to New Legislative Issues Advocacy Fund

Friday, 23rd January 2015

The K7RA Solar Update

Average daily sunspot numbers for January 15-21 dropped 50.7 points relative to the previous seven days, to 61.9. Average daily solar flux declined from 151.3 to 126.2. For the past ten days sunspot numbers have remained below 100. This benchmark has no special significance, but the last time there were this many consecutive days with double-digit sunspot numbers was October 5-20, 2014.


Thursday, 22nd January 2015

K2OP Wins January QST Cover Plaque Award

The winner of the January 2015 QST Cover Plaque award is Andrew Buckler, K2OP, for his article “A Solid State 1.25 kW Linear Amplifier.”

The QST Cover Plaque Award -- given to the author or authors of the most popular article in each issue -- is determined by a vote of ARRL members on the QST Cover Plaque Poll web page. Cast a ballot for your favorite article in the February issue today.


QRZ Logbook Now Offering Reciprocal Confirmation Credit and LoTW Download

QRZ Logbook now recognizes contact confirmations from ARRL’s Logbook of The World (LoTW). QRZ Logbook users now can download their contacts from LoTW directly into their QRZ Logbook. Contacts that exist in LoTW but not in QRZ Logbook will be added to your QRZ Logbook. LoTW automatically puts contacts made under a previous call sign into a user’s current call sign account. QRZ will automatically...

Wednesday, 21st January 2015

ARRL Roanoke Division Director Dennis Bodson, W4PWF, Retires

ARRL Roanoke Division Director Dennis Bodson, W4PWF, has stepped down, and Vice Director Dr Jim Boehner, N2ZZ, has succeeded him. Bodson announced his retirement on January 16 -- before the official end of his term next January 1 -- at the Board of Directors’ Annual Meeting in Windsor, Connecticut.

Fellow Board members gave Bodson a standing ovation in recognition of years of service to the Leag...

ARRL Board Okays Changes to DXCC Program, VHF and Above Contesting Rules

The ARRL Board of Directors has tweaked the DX Century Club (DXCC) rules to clarify and expand their recognition of remotely controlled station technology. It also has added a rule that puts greater ethical responsibility on operators with respect to remotely controlled operation. In addition, the Board adopted changes to the ARRL VHF/UHF contest rules that are aimed at encouraging greater part...

ARRL Comments to FCC on WRC-15 Draft Recommendations

The ARRL has commented on two draft recommendations of the FCC’s 2015 World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-15) Advisory Committee (WAC) as well as on a draft proposal provided to the FCC by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA).

The ARRL expressed support for the status quo regarding an allocation to the Mobile Service for broadband applications at 3400-4200 M...

VHF/UHF/Microwave Conference Seeks Speakers and Papers

The 41st Eastern VHF/UHF/Microwave Conference has issued a call for speakers and papers for the gathering or for the conference Proceedings. The conference, sponsored by the ARRL-affiliated North East Weak Signal Group, will take place April 17-19 in Manchester, Connecticut. The conference sponsors are looking for presentations, papers, and talks, both long and short. Topics can include, but ar...

EP6T Team Pleads for “More Respect” from Operators

The EP6T DXpedition team now on Iran’s Kish Island (IOTA AS-166) has implored operators hoping to work the rare DXCC entity to show more respect and exhibit better operating manners. The EP6T team said it’s aware that the balance of contacts have been with Europe, North America, Oceania, and Asia, and the operators are doing their best to work other regions, but that 10 days may not be long eno...

Navassa DXpedition Team Poised to Offer “Once in 32 Years” Opportunity

The K1N Navassa DXpedition team hopes to be on the air with up to eight stations in less than 2 weeks, offering a “once in 32 years” opportunity to work the most-wanted DXCC entity. It’s been 22 years since the last Navassa operation, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), which is responsible for the island, will not permit another operation for at least more 10 years. The team said its...

Tuesday, 20th January 2015

NASA Opens Application Window for Paid CubeSat, PICetSat Internships

The NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) seeks applicants to fill paid CubeSat and PICetSat-related internships for a 10-week Summer 2015 term. These positions may be of interest to Amateur Radio licensees pursuing degrees in electrical or computer engineering and now in their junior or senior years. Applications are being taken on the NASA One Stop Shopping Initiative (OSSI) recruiting webs...

Australian “Pico Balloon” Piques Ham Radio Interest

A foil “party balloon” released in late December from Melbourne, Australia, carrying an HF Amateur Radio payload, ended its journey on January 16 off the east coast of Africa near Madagascar. Andy Nguyen, VK3YT, of Kensington, Victoria, Australia, released his PS-30 “pico balloon” on December 27, hoping that it might circle the globe. Its 13 gram Amateur Radio payload included a solar-powered 2...

Monday, 19th January 2015

Fox-1A Satellite Launch Date Launch Set for August

AMSAT has announced that its Fox-1A satellite will launch on August 27 from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, on a United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 National Reconnaissance Office flight. Fox-1A will include an FM transponder with an uplink frequency of 435.180 MHz, and a downlink frequency of 145.980 MHz. The first phase of the Fox series 1-Unit CubeSats will allow simple ground stations usi...

ARRL Executive Committee Approves Education & Technology Program Grants

The ARRL Executive Committee has approved Education & Technology Program (ETP) station and progress grants to five schools. Two schools received ETP station grants at an estimated total of $3600, while three others already enrolled in the program received progress grants totaling $800.


Station grants will go to the Banning Lewis ranch Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and to Southport Elem...

Friday, 16th January 2015

ARRL President to Attend Puerto Rico State Convention, January 23-25

While a good part of the US is experiencing frigid temperatures, snow, and ice, radio amateurs in Puerto Rico will be warmly welcoming visitors to their third ARRL Puerto Rico State Convention, January 23-25 at the Francisco “Pancho” Deida Coliseum in Hatillo. ARRL President Kay Craigie, N3KN, will head an ARRL contingent to Caribbean’s largest ham radio convention.

Others will include Southeast...

Kids Day at KH6LC is a Big Deal on the Big Island

Lloyd Cabral, KH6LC, lives on the Big Island of Hawaii, and each January he does Kids Day in a big way. Twice a year, in January and June, ARRL offers Kids Day to promote Amateur Radio to youngsters who may become Amateur Radio’s next generation. Since retiring 11 years ago, Cabral has focused on HF contesting, and every January he adapts his multioperator station for Kids Day, pairing the youn...

Amateur Radio Newsline Assumes Low Profile as Its Editor Recuperates

Michigan Passes, Governor Signs Antenna Accommodation Legislation

Ten years of work within the ARRL Michigan Section have culminated in an Amateur Radio antenna bill that mirrors the “reasonable accommodation” provisions of the PRB-1 federal pre-emption policy. Michigan Gov Rick Snyder signed the measure, Senate Bill 0493, into law on January 15, creating Public Act 556. Senator Rick Jones sponsored the bill. ARRL Michigan Section Manager Larry Camp, WB8R, sa...

UK Regulator Adopts Less-Rigid Amateur ID Rules, Retains Regional Secondary Locators

The K7RA Solar Update

Sunspot numbers and solar flux rose again this week, while geomagnetic indices were relatively quiet. Average daily sunspot numbers rose from 108.1 in the first week of 2015 to 112.6 in the following seven days. Average daily solar flux rose from 144.7 to 151.3.

Predicted solar flux for the near term is 130 on January 16, 125 on January 17-18, 120 on January 19-20, 115 on January 21-22, 140 on J...

Monday, 12th January 2015

BSA Encouraging Early Start on JOTA 2015 Planning

The word from Boy Scouts of America National Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) Organizer Jim Wilson, K5ND, is: “Start planning for JOTA 2015. It’s never too early to get started.” JOTA 2015 takes place Friday through Sunday, October 16-18, and the Radio Scouting (K2BSA) website provides some planning tips. The annual JOTA event offers an opportunity for Boy and Girl Scouts and Guides all over the worl...

Shin’en 2 Designated as Fuji Oscar 82

AMSAT has designated the Shin’en 2 spacecraft as Fuji OSCAR-82 (FO-82). Responding to a request from Seiji Fukushima, JH6RTO, OSCAR Number Administrator Bill Tynan, W3XO, congratulated Fukushima and the Fuji OSCAR-82 team on behalf of AMSAT-NA and the Amateur Satellite community, and expressed the hope that the spacecraft would “fulfill all of its mission objectives.”

Built by students at Kagosh...

Friday, 9th January 2015

The K7RA Solar Update

All solar activity indicators rose this week: sunspot numbers, solar flux and geomagnetic indices.

On January 7 the interplanetary magnetic field tipped south, opening a crack to admit solar wind. This triggered the largest geomagnetic storm since September 2014. That same day the planetary A index jumped to 38, pushing the average for the week to 17.7. The previous seven days (the final seven d...

CQ Magazine Combining January, February 2015 Issues, Closing CQ Plus Digital Supplement

CQ magazine has announced that it will publish a combined January/February 2015 issue and cease publication of its CQ Plus digital supplement as of the March 2015 issue. Publisher Dick Ross, K2MGA, said that both moves are intended to help restore the magazine’s normal schedule for its print edition and to strengthen its foundations moving forward as it enters its 8th decade of publication.


New World Record Claimed on 10 GHz

Two Amateur Radio microwave enthusiasts in Australia are claiming a new distance record on 10 GHz. On January 5, during a tropo opening across the Great Australian Bight, VK6DZ and VK7MO exchanged reports over a 2732 km path, using JT4f mode as well as SSB. The distance surpasses by 36 km the previous World Record of 2696 km from Southern Portugal to Cape Verde Island.

VK6DZ was portable at Torb...

UK Telecoms Regulator Ofcom Concedes Call Sign Error

The UK’s telecommunications regulator Ofcom has surprised some Amateur Radio license recipients in England by issuing call signs with a “GE” or “ME” prefix. It's been reported that one amateur who contacted the agency was told that the staff had been instructed to issue call signs for England with a Regional Secondary Locator (RSL) of "E."

A Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) statement said t...

SouthWest Ohio DX Association to Sponsor Dayton DX Dinner

The SouthWest Ohio DX Association (SWODXA) will sponsor the 30th DX Dinner, held in conjunction with the 2015 Dayton Hamvention®. The DX Dinner will take place on Friday, May 15, at the Dayton Marriott, 1414 South Patterson Boulevard in Dayton.

A social hour precedes the dinner at 5:30, with dinner at 7 PM. SWODXA is offering tables (10 seats) at a discounted price.

Tickets now are available on t...

ARRL's "First Couple" Spotlighted in Article Highlighting SKYWARN’s Role

The February Issue of Digital QST is Now Available

The February issue of QST is overflowing with articles and columns you’re sure to enjoy!

• How well does your transceiver’s noise reduction feature really work? Find out!

• Build a shock-mounted boom microphone.

• Make your homebrewed projects look like they were built in a factory.

• Hunt down RF noise in your home.

… and much more.

Enjoy Content You Won’t Find in the Print Edition…

• A video overvie...

Thursday, 8th January 2015

Processing of New WAS Award Applications on Hold

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