HamRadioNow: All Parity All the Time (or 1301 Passes House Subcommittee)

HR 1301, the Amateur Radio Parity Act, was voted up in the House Communications and Technology Subcommittee on February 11. It's headed for the full Energy & Commerce Committee, but it won't look quite the same when it gets there. In the 'markup' session (where the bill is voted up or down), bill sponsor Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-... [continue]

Saturday, 13th February 2016

First MONDIAL contact HamTv by the ISS space station !

11 feb 2016 : THE FIRST MONDIAL HAM TV CONTACT BY THE ISS Tim Peake's first HamTV ARISS contact as received direct in Bournemouth. more infos about the radio and antennas abourd the ISS space station, here in my web site : [] and here iss antenna problems ! [] best 73 de Rudy... [continue]

Illegal operations from Mongolia

Hello Hams, Please visit for valid licensed Opeartor's list of Mongolia. There are several hams Operating on HF without proper amateur radio license in Mongolia. Communications Regulatory Communication of Mongolia and MRSF are working to stop such a illegal operations here and will announce to the public the callsigns used illegall... [continue]

Enthusiasm, Friendly Faces Abound at Orlando HamCation, Host of 2016 ARRL National Convention

New ARRL President Rick Roderick, K5UR, was among the members of the ARRL team greeting visitors to the ARRL Expo at Orlando HamCation on February 12. Friday was opening day for the Orlando HamCation, which is hosting the 2016 ARRL National Convention. The event marks President Roderick’s inaugural ARRL National Convention appearance since his ... [continue]

The ARRL Letter, February 11, 2016

The ARRL Letter February 11, 2016 Rick Lindquist, WW1ME, Editor Amateur Radio Parity Act Gets Favorable Subcommittee Report New ARRL President Happy to be Part of “Exciting Times for Amateur Radio” Matt Holden, K0BBC, Tapped as ARRL Dakota... The ARRL Letter, February 11, 2016... [continue]

Antonio Gonzalez, EA5RM, to Receive 2015 ARRL International Humanitarian Award


Founded in 1975 AMSAT-UK is a voluntary organisation that supports the design and building of equipment for amateur radio satellites. AMSAT-UK initially produced a short bulletin called OSCAR News to give members advice on amateur satellite communications. Since those early … Continue reading →... [continue]

HamTV school contact – a world first!

It was a historic event: the radio contact was enhanced with video! Tim Peake activated the Ham Video transmitter on board Columbus

ARISS UK release video of Tim Peake and RMS contact

This is the 77 minute video of the ARISS contact between Tim Peake GB1SS and the Royal Masonic School for Girls Rickmansworth GB1RMS

More history made at second amateur radio call

The second live amateur radio call to a British school with Tim Peake GB1SS took place February 11, 2016 at the Royal Masonic School (RMS) for Girls GB1RMS in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire

Southampton University students receive Tim Peake

Christian Jacobs 2E0ICL and other members of the Southampton University Wireless Society (SUWS) listened to Tim Peake's amateur radio with the RMS for Girls GB1RMS

2016 Scientific Valentine's Day Cards

Radio ham on BBC Radio Norfolk

Fine Tuning in Trying Times:

Solar Activity Remains the Quietest it has Been in More Than a Century:

Eye on Education: Ham Radio Club -

Propagation Forecast Bulletin #7 de K7RA:

“Ham TV” System Used for First Time During ARISS Contact with UK School

New Firmware Update for the IC-7600 HF Amateur radio Transceiver

RCD: You can become a Radio Amateur

History of HamTV on the ISS

Ham Radio show - ¨The Ham Sandwich¨ 4 - Yaesu FRG-7 Special

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1998, February 12, 2016

Radio ham on BBC Radio Norfolk

ARRL 2016 International DX Contest (CW) is February 20-21: -

Icom America Donates IC-9100 Transceiver to ARRL Headquarters Station W1HQ: -


Sunday, 3rd May 2015

Ankur Puranik Ham Radio IBN Lokmat

How hams of Disaster Amateur Radio Emergency Services set up a direct communication like between Mantralaya in Mumbai with disaster affected Nepal. We helped resolve many cases. For more ...



Saturday, 13th February 2016

Fine tuning in trying times

The radio has been an integral part of our lives, since the time it was invented. Through all the wars, floods, earthquakes, accidents, the radio has stood tall as the most reliable means of communication. Today, on World Radio Day, with the theme of ‘Radio in Times of Emergency and Disaster’, NT BUZZ talks to few radio jockeys across the state... [continue]

Alleged affair led to murder, officials say (Massachusetts)

John Williams was murdered because of an affair with a woman who died last month, authorities said at John Wittey's arraignment Friday afternoon. Attorney for the Commonwealth Joe Janezic revealed the 70-year-old Wittey, of Berkley, allegedly shot and killed the also 70-year-old Williams at his home at 120 Glen Charlie Rd. on Monday night, because... [continue]

This Is The Most Dangerous Way To Listen to the Radio

AM radio towers are giant beasts thanks to the way AM radio works: amplitude modulation. The more power, the higher the band of the radio. This means that they are essentially radiating out broadcasts with lots and lots of energy, as opposed to FM radio. But just how dangerous are those towers? This Michigan State University Amateur Radio Club demo... [continue]

Spotlight on: Argent Data Systems

The website for Argent Data Systems says the company manufactures "electronic products for amateur radio, education, and commercial users." But the Santa Maria-based company is also affiliated with, which is known for its "smart hoops" or hula hoops with light emitting diodes (LED) and programmable electronics. Glittering with a r... [continue]

Texas APRS balloon crosses Atlantic

The solar powered amateur radio APRS balloon BTL-42.1 W5BTR-11 has successfully crossed the Atlantic The balloon was released by the South Texas Balloon Launch Team on February 7 and its signal was picked up at 17:57 UT on February 10 off the coast of Northern Spain.



VE2FK21101.0 AC0C 1909AC0
WD0HXN14263.0 NG0C/9 1908NG0
K7VIT14106.8 DR5N 1908DR
PA9F7168.0 PI4GAC 1908PI
W3LPL14006.1 C5DX 1908C5
ON4BAG14131.6 K9CT 1908K9
EA7JW14007.5 EG7TOR 1908EG
KA0NEB18141.0 HA3NU 1908HA
EW8G3593.5 DL5YM 1908DL
W8JBL14252.5 N4CD 1908N4
VA2QR14119.5 CT3HF 1908CT3
PF5T3521.8 OM6AL 1908OM
RA2FN7018.0 PI4DTC 1908PI
W6SX28092.1 NS4X 1908NS4
K5RK14258.0 K5DB 1908K5
EW8G3584.6 SP9BNM 1907SP
W3GVX21082.7 3G1B 19073G1
DK7ZB10117.0 5V7TH 19075V
N7SGM28444.8 KC3GJW 1907KC3
N1JM21131.8 W0ELT 1907W0


HF spots from EU
HF spots from NA
HF spots from AS



Solar Flux: 112, A-index: 13

Report issued 2016 Feb 13 1505 UTC

DateSun SpotsFluxGoes
Feb 13, 201674112 B4.4
Feb 12, 201668112 B2.8
Feb 11, 201682113 B2.8
Feb 10, 201679112 B3.7
Feb 09, 201682117 B3.3
Feb 08, 201684115 B3.8
Feb 07, 201671117 B3.8
Feb 06, 2016113117 B3.9
Feb 05, 201695120 B4.5
Feb 04, 201678123 B3.8
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