Radio field day prepares locals for emergencies - Centre Daily Times

Radio field day prepares locals for emergenciesCentre Daily TimesPromoted by the national Amateur Radio Relay League, the weekend marked the annual 24-hour period where operators of amateur radio, or commonly called ham radio, worked to contact as many fellow operators as they could, scanning the continental ...... [continue]

Sunday, 26th June 2016

HF0F, the visit of Pope Francis to Poland

HF0F (QSL via SP9BRP) will operate from Kraków to mark the visit of His Holiness Pope Francis to Poland on 25-31 July 2016. A number of special-event stations will accompany the celebrations

South African Type Approval Regulations

The SARL (South African Radio League) must seriously consider how it will present its case when ICASA is holding its public hearings on type approval and under what conditions equipment will be exempted from the current requirements

Fox-1Cliff and Fox-1D launch window update

AMSAT has been informed that the launch period for Fox-1Cliff and Fox-1D has been moved and is now commencing on September 1, 2016 and ending on November 30, 2016

AMSAT SA accelerating satellite development

AMSAT Southern Africa is accelerating the development of its Kletskous transponder by introducing a parallel development process

How much havoc is caused by unwanted radio signals? FCC tries to find out

The US Federal Communications Commission is trying to figure out exactly how much trouble is being caused by radio noise

Ham Radio Operators Prepare for Emergency Response:

The Naval Postgraduate School Amateur Radio Club competed in the annual Field Day competition during which they have to contact as many people as possible during a 24 hour period using radio communication. The club says this helps them practice for crisis response when natural disasters strike.

Ham Radio Becomes a 'Contact' Sport:

CHAMBERSBURG- It was a book that sparked Anthony Ogburn's interest in radio. He was given a copy of "Passport to Worldband Radio" when he was a child and he poured over it, learning everything he could about radios. From the book, he progressed to an actual radio - purchasing a shortwave radio for $10 at an auction. The first time he turned it on,... [continue]

Communicating When Cell Phones Can't Work:

PADUCAH, Ky -- Before tablets, texting, or cell phones, a lot of people relied on radios for communication. Today, amateur radio is still a way to communicate in emergencies when cell phone towers are out. Across the world, amateur radio associations like Paducah's are setting up and operating stations for "field day" this weekend. Teams work to c... [continue]

Amateur Radio Field Day - Shelby Star

Shelby StarAmateur Radio Field DayShelby StarW4NYR Shelby Amateur Radio club poses for a photo outside of their calling center Saturday morning at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds. Left to right, Steve Richard, Bil Bridges, Ben Melvin, Susan Ledford, June Melvin, Josh Melvin, and ARRL NC Section ...... [continue]

#FieldDayLive! - W4HAW streaming live on YouTube

W4HAW from the West Palm Beach Amateur Radio Group along with the Jupiter Lighthouse Radio Group are Live Streaming Field Day on YouTube at and the GOTA station is N4NAQ with our student members from the radio club at Suncoast High School and visitors from the South Florida Science Center & Aquarium.

Join in Field Day Live Worldwide!

Messe Friedrichshafen the big ham-radio event in Germany !

India Launches Amateur Radio Satellites: -

FCC says 'No' to lifetime Amateur Radio licenses

Caroline North – Euroseige '85!

NASA TV to air Russian cargo ship movement at Space Station

Ham radio lifeline

Barrett supplies equipment to Caribbean Amateur Radio group

Ham radio family enjoys distant connections

TX Factor GB2RS News Podcast

Join in Field Day Live Worldwide!

The Super Bowl of Ham Radio:

HamRadioNow: Grassroots on Antenna Parity (HR-1301)

2016 W1AW Field Day Bulletin Schedule:

Propagation Forecast Bulletin #26 de K7RA:


Sunday, 3rd May 2015

Ankur Puranik Ham Radio IBN Lokmat

How hams of Disaster Amateur Radio Emergency Services set up a direct communication like between Mantralaya in Mumbai with disaster affected Nepal. We helped resolve many cases. For more ...



Monday, 27th June 2016

Radio operators test skills at Ham Radio Field Day

This weekend radio operators from around Central Virginia tested those skills to make sure they're ready when disaster strikes during Ham Radio ...

Radio field day prepares locals for emergencies

A paddle that is used for transmitting Morse code messages sits at the Morse code station during the Nittany Amateur Radio Club's field day held at the ...

Sunday, 26th June 2016

Local Ham Radio Operators Test Emergency Efforts

That's where ham radio operators in central Virginia can step in, and they're testing their ability to communicate in an emergency. The Albemarle ...

Local 'Hams' participate in nationwide radio field day

Groups from the Coastal Amateur Radio Society Groups set up antennas early Saturday morning in Pooler for the event, and communicated with ...

Radio operators drill for emergencies

LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Amateur radio operators become the link to the outside world when disaster strikes and phones become useless, which is what ...



KN2CZZ7013.0 EA1BIA 0159EA
AI5I50127.9 W3UUM 0159W3
NZ3O7182.0 VA3IOX 0158VA3
VK3BL14076.0 FK8HN 0155FK
K0GU50072.0 KF5KOI/B 0154KF5
WA6DIL14022.0 PP5NY 0153PP5
KM4IAW3755.0 K2CP 0153K2
HK2PMR14076.0 WA5IWB 0152WA5
N7US7030.0 S01WS 0152S0
AI1K18102.0 N0SAP/B 0152N0
K9VSW50125.0 W5XC 0151W5
NZ3O3795.0 KE1Y 0150KE1
W4ZAN7163.0 UT7HA 0148UT
KE1Y3795.0 KE1Y 0147KE1
K9VSW50065.0 KE5JXC/B 0147KE5
K4WMS3523.1 RA6AN 0147RA6
HK2PMR14076.0 PY6MV 0147PY6
K9VSW50060.0 K4TQR/B 0144K4
NJ3I7014.9 OM3E 0143OM
E73KW7030.0 S01WS 0142S0


HF spots from EU
HF spots from NA
HF spots from AS



Solar Flux: 77, A-index: 11
No space weather storms are predicted for the next 24 hours.
Report issued 2016 Jun 27 0010 UTC

DateSun SpotsFluxGoes
Jun 27, 2016077 A7.7
Jun 26, 2016077 A9.3
Jun 25, 2016077 A8.3
Jun 24, 2016076 A8.2
Jun 23, 20162278 A8.0
Jun 22, 20162278 A8.6
Jun 21, 20163580 A8.4
Jun 20, 20164884 A9.7
Jun 19, 20164685 B1.1
Jun 18, 20163684 B1.0
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