Museum of Radio and Technology channels memories of a bygone era (West Virginia)

Touring the Museum of Radio and Technology is like stepping back in time to the beginning of radio, television, and computers. It opened in 1991 in the old Harveytown Elementary School, 1640 Florence Ave., on Huntington’s West End and is touted as the largest radio museum in the nation and attracts visitors from throughout the world. However, m... [continue]

Sunday, 19th October 2014

Why This West Virginia Town Has No Cellphones

"Some people, they'll come here, they'll say 'What do you do?' I just say, 'I'm doing it right now.'" That's Artie Barkley, a local resident featured in this National Geographic video about the National Radio Quiet Zone, extolling the virtues of one of the most peculiar and peaceful places in America. Pocahontas County in West Virginia is home to... [continue]

Ham geeks in operation (India)

A man from Naglonda is desperate to find out the safety of his brother staying at Vijayanagar Palace layout in the Hudhud-battered Visakhapatnam. A colonel is living at PM Palem and his son in Kerala is frenetic to know how he is.

Walnut Creek: Volunteers know Loma Prieta 'just a precursor' (California)

Although he doesn't expect a locomotive to come crashing through his living room, Rossmoor resident Dick DuBey does expect the Hayward Fault to someday "let go." Recalling the feeling he experienced 25 years ago while crouched beneath his office desk in San Leandro during the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, DuBey said it was like standing 10 feet fro... [continue]

China Readies Moon Mission for Launch Next Week

China is preparing to launch a mission next week that will help pave the way for an ambitious lunar sample-return effort. The upcoming launch of the Chang'e 4 mission is expected to take place Oct. 23 from China's Xichang Satellite Launch Center, and will apparently send an experimental, recoverable probe to lunar orbit and back. The goal is to va... [continue]

Longtime Radio Broadcaster to Retire (Idaho)

Kelly Klaas is retiring after more than 45 years as a local radio broadcaster. The Magic Valley native said he wanted to read news from an early age. "Walter Cronkite was my idol when I was like 12 years old." As for going with radio instead, he said, "It was just kind of one of those inner feelings when you hear people on the radio and think, â€... [continue]

FCC, Labor Team to Save Tower Workers' Lives

The FCC and the Department of Labor said Tuesday they have created a working group to prevent tower-related fatalities. That was one of the takeaways from a joint event on tower safety. The group will "collaborate in the development and implementation of recommended safety practices for the growing telecommunications industry" according to the Dep... [continue]

Why ham operators should consider 3D printing

As a member of the ham radio community, I have always been fascinated by the maker mindset which has existed since the early days of radio. From making radio equipment from scratch, to kits and even modifying commercially available equipment, the maker movement and radio go hand in hand. The 3D printing community shares many traits with the ham ra... [continue]

Tactical operations center dedicated to abducted child (Oregon)

A child's disappearance is a parent's worst nightmare, one with which Desiree Young of Medford has been living since June 4, 2010. On that day, her 7-year-old son, Kyron, was dropped off by his stepmother at school in Portland and never came home. His disappearance sparked a massive local, state and federal search effort that to date ... [continue]

Lewis and Clark Radio Club turns 30

Words from one of the 30-year-old Lewis and Clark Radio Club’s founders spoke volumes of the club’s community involvement over the years. "To begin with, let me say it’s very difficult to write a three-plus decade description of an organization that’s been involved in so many areas of community service", founding member Richard Morgan said... [continue]

When will Ofcom revoke Ham Radio licences ?

The wording on an Ofcom slide raises the question - When will Ofcom revoke amateur radio licences that have not been revalidated ? Ofcom gave their presentation at the RSGB Convention on October 12. Regarding licences that have not been revalidated their slide said: "This still leaves 19,000 licences technically open to revocation"

Pay It Forward: Jeff Martin, Ham Radio Hero (Tennessee)

Cyclone Hudhud: Amateur radio to provide vital info (India)

Local officials say radio can fill in for Internet in event of cyber attack (Tennessee)

Need for British longwave radio service underestimated by RTÉ

Madison in 100 objects: 9XM radio equipment (Wisconsin)

Spreading the word about preserved railways (UK)

Space Weather Forecasting Centre officially opened

Founder of JOTA is SK

Radio Amateur is Among Nobel Prize in Chemistry Winners

For Ham Radio Geeks, Contact With Space Station Is Exciting

Professionals, volunteers keep residents safe at home (Arizona)

Storm spotters keep eyes on the sky (Oregon)

Revival Of RadioShack

World Radiosport Team Championship 2018 Will Be in Germany

Weather spotters a lifeline for forecasters (Colorado)


Sunday, 12th October 2014

scandinavian contest 2014 Ham Radio

HamRadio Station DO7PSL Stephan Lange 15m Amateurfunk.



Sunday, 19th October 2014

Ham Radio on BBC Radio 4 - Southgate Amateur Radio Club

Ham Radio on BBC Radio 4Southgate Amateur Radio ClubOn October 18, 1924, the first radio communication contact between the two countries took place between (G)2SZ at Mill Hill School, the station operated by 18 year-old former pupil Cecil Goyder, and (Z)4AA in Shag Valley, South Island, New Zealand, ...... [continue]

Saturday, 18th October 2014

Blizzard Saturday in Colorado? No, just a radio test

Ham radio operators and listeners might hear about some extreme weather this Saturday as part of a test of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service, ...

Radio prepares for war, part 2

Even smaller radios were needed to fit in the cockpits of fighter planes. ... (note 2) Like the HRO, they were highly prized by amateur radio operators.

Friday, 17th October 2014

Museum of Radio and Technology channels memories of a bygone era

BOB WOJCIESZAK/DAILY MAIL A CB radio exhibit includes new and ... area where meetings are held for the Tri-State Amateur Radio Association.

Ham geeks in operation

These are pieces of information tricking in from a few Ham (amateur) radio operators ... Ten members from National Institute of Amateur Radio arrive.



1C2A14071.5 EG3CWV 0939EG
RD8CC28028.0 OE3AYW/P 0939OE
CT1BBU28450.0 VK9XSP 0938VK9X
EA4ZK28449.8 VK9XSP 0938VK9X
M3FEH14285.0 I3/DG3NEU 0938I
OK1HKF21245.0 R2014FP 0938R2
ES8SX21209.4 R2014FZ 0937R2
K7FA7024.1 TX7G 0936TX
UA0SE14086.7 VK9DLX 0936VK9
IU3BRB7113.0 IU3BXO 0935I
IU0CWB14225.0 MX0LDG 0935M
G0LFF28516.5 EX2V 0935EX
VK7FRJG21265.0 LA4UOA 0934LA
UA0SE7029.0 VK9DLX 0934VK9
4Z5SG21032.0 R2014FS 0934R2
RU9SA14182.0 R2014FR 0934R2
SP8FHK28449.9 VK9XSP 0933VK9X
YB6NE14185.0 TX7G 0932TX
NB4F10105.9 VK9DLX 0932VK9
SP2GBL21225.0 W1AW/KH0 0932KH0


HF spots from EU
HF spots from NA
HF spots from AS



Solar Flux: 173, A-index: 11

Report issued 2014 Oct 20 0610 UTC

DateSun SpotsFluxGoes
Oct 20, 201486173 C1.2
Oct 19, 201460173 B8.3
Oct 18, 201439160 C1.0
Oct 17, 201466146 C1.1
Oct 16, 201490139 C1.3
Oct 15, 201470126 B3.7
Oct 14, 201441120 B3.5
Oct 13, 201428113 B2.9
Oct 12, 201438111 B3.2
Oct 11, 201454112 B3.0
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