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HamRadioDaily - Ham Radio Daily News


News Release: IARU Administrative Council Holds Annual Meeting in Albena, Bulgaria

The Administrative Council (AC) of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) held its annual meeting on 27 & 28 September 2014 in Albena, Bulgaria. The AC is responsible for the policy and management of the IARU and consists of the three IARU international officers and two representatives from each of the three IARU regional organizatio... [continue]

Monday, 20th October 2014

QRZ Anniversary Sweepstakes: Down to the wire!

We can hardly believe it, but we have over 320,000 entries in the 2014 QRZ Anniversary Sweepstakes! I guess this shouldn't surprise us too much with that Shiny new TS-990s as a grand prize. Don't forget that we have one more weekly drawing coming up this Thursday, October 23 in which the winner will receive great prizes from QRZ, Gigaparts, and ... [continue]

ICQ PODCAST - Schematic and PCB Programs reviewed

Series Seven EpisodeTwenty-One of the ICQ Amateur / Ham Radio Podcast- Schematic and PCBPrograms has been released. The latest news,Martin (M1MRB & W9ICQ) and Colin (M6BOY) an even cheaper ChineseRadio (£8) and Martin (M1MRB & W9ICQ) reviews Schematic and PCBPrograms. Newsstories include:- EMC issues in cockpit screensFi... [continue]

W4KKP Charlie Kayhart 103 years young and still hamming it up!

Today the Greeneville TN Hamfest was honored to have Charlie Kayhart W4KKP as our special guest. Charlie just celebrated his 103rd birthday earlier this week. I have been privileged to have known him for about 37 years. Charlie is active on the radio and I have provided a link to a story done by WBIR TV in Knoxville TN earlier in the week. http... [continue]

IARU Administrative Council Resolution Seeks to Rein in Electromagnetic Interference

The International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) Administrative Council has called upon International Telecommunication Union (ITU) signatory nations to take steps to ensure that the operation of “electrical apparatus or installations of any kind, including power and telecommunication distribution networks,” does not cause harmful interference to A... [continue]

4M Moon Orbiter Carrying Ham Radio Payload to Launch on October 23

The Manfred Memorial Moon Mission (4M) lunar flyby experiment, which will carry an Amateur Radio payload, is set to launch from China, attached to the final stage of a Chinese Long March 3C rocket. The launch will take place within a narrow window on October 23, with lunar flyby to occur, nominally, on October 28. Integration of the LX0OHB-4M Amate... [continue]

Radio Amateurs Play a Role in Separate Storm Responses

Amateur Radio volunteers activated on opposite ends of the US late last week and over the weekend as separate hurricanes struck Bermuda and Hawaii. Both regions were prepared and fared well with no deaths, serious injuries, or major property damage reported.Hurricane GonzaloHurricane Gonzalo, the stronger of the two storms, was a Category 3 hurrica... [continue]

W1AW Centennial Operations are West Virginia and Nevada Bound

The ARRL Centennial W1AW portable operations taking place throughout 2014 from each of the 50 states are now in Alabama and Michigan. They will transition at 0000 UTC on Wednesday, October 22 (the evening of October 21 in US time zones), to West Virginia (W1AW/8) and Nevada (W1AW/7). W1AW/KH0 also will be active until October 21 from Tinian Island ... [continue]

PAT project Photo 3, November 2014

Due to an oversight, Photo 3 was omitted from this (more…)

Boy Scouts Have Weekend Submarine Adventure:

Michael Lux has visited the USS Batfish several times, but this was the first time he's spent the night aboard the submarine. "This is once in a lifetime experience," said Lux, 16, of Broken Arrow. With tents of various sizes and colors scattered around Muskogee's War Memorial Park, Boy Scout Troop 995 from Broken Arrow, arrived Friday evening to ... [continue]

Ham Radio Operators Link on Global Airwaves:

Do not be alarmed if you heard high-pitched feedback and static coming from the Onslow County Fairgrounds this weekend. Members of the Onslow County Amateur Radio Club (OARC) and local scouts have gathered for the Jamboree-On-The-Air, a nationwide event in its 57th year that lets members of the Boy Scouts of America connect with one another and ot... [continue]

ARISS-US accepting proposals to host scheduled ISS contacts in 2015

Essex Scout's 434 MHz balloons

High altitude balloon keeps going

UKSA announces CubeSat payload opportunity

UKEICC 80m SSB Contest

RTA roadshow on its way to Cape Town

DXCC Country/Entity Report

1st. Brussels (British) Scouts at ON8RT EmComm Field Station during 2014 JOTA-JOTI

ICQPODCAST - Schematic and PCB Programs reviewed

History This Week

Museum of Radio and Technology channels memories of a bygone era (West Virginia)

Why This West Virginia Town Has No Cellphones

Ham geeks in operation (India)

Walnut Creek: Volunteers know Loma Prieta 'just a precursor' (California)

China Readies Moon Mission for Launch Next Week


Sunday, 12th October 2014

scandinavian contest 2014 Ham Radio

HamRadio Station DO7PSL Stephan Lange 15m Amateurfunk.



Sunday, 19th October 2014

Ham Radio on BBC Radio 4 - Southgate Amateur Radio Club

Ham Radio on BBC Radio 4Southgate Amateur Radio ClubOn October 18, 1924, the first radio communication contact between the two countries took place between (G)2SZ at Mill Hill School, the station operated by 18 year-old former pupil Cecil Goyder, and (Z)4AA in Shag Valley, South Island, New Zealand, ...... [continue]

Saturday, 18th October 2014

Blizzard Saturday in Colorado? No, just a radio test

Ham radio operators and listeners might hear about some extreme weather this Saturday as part of a test of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service, ...

Radio prepares for war, part 2

Even smaller radios were needed to fit in the cockpits of fighter planes. ... (note 2) Like the HRO, they were highly prized by amateur radio operators.

Friday, 17th October 2014

Museum of Radio and Technology channels memories of a bygone era

BOB WOJCIESZAK/DAILY MAIL A CB radio exhibit includes new and ... area where meetings are held for the Tri-State Amateur Radio Association.

Ham geeks in operation

These are pieces of information tricking in from a few Ham (amateur) radio operators ... Ten members from National Institute of Amateur Radio arrive.



JH6BPG50113.5 VK9DLX 0339VK9
W3LPL3512.0 EA6NB 0339EA6
R3HD21020.0 BV5OQ 0338BV
R3DQ7021.0 RM7F 0338RM7
KY5Q10105.2 TX7G 0338TX
PY2VI18140.0 TX7G 0337TX
YO6DDF7003.6 EA8AF 0336EA8
YY5VJL7144.0 UT2IJ 0336UT
R3GMT7045.9 J79X 0335J7
JH1OCC18140.0 TX7G 0335TX
YY5VJL7144.0 UT2JI 0335UT
K9MU50095.0 N3LL 0334N3
JA8CAR50140.0 KG6JDX 0334KG6
DL2HRT7046.0 J79X 0334J7
RU0SN24970.0 VK9DLX 0333VK9
R5FT7010.0 9A6C 03339A
W3LPL10105.0 TX7G 0333TX
K9MU50095.0 N3LL/B 0333N3
AA6KJ14026.9 RU9CZD 0333RU9
KD6WKY21025.1 ZK3E 0333ZK3


HF spots from EU
HF spots from NA
HF spots from AS



Solar Flux: 216, A-index: 14

Report issued 2014 Oct 23 0010 UTC

DateSun SpotsFluxGoes
Oct 23, 2014123216 C1.5
Oct 22, 2014120216 C1.5
Oct 21, 201493199 C1.3
Oct 20, 201486185 C1.2
Oct 19, 201460173 B8.3
Oct 18, 201439160 C1.0
Oct 17, 201466146 C1.1
Oct 16, 201490139 C1.3
Oct 15, 201470126 B3.7
Oct 14, 201441120 B3.5

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