Strategic review of UHF spectrum at 410-470 MHz

Ofcom has published a statement following a strategic review of the 410 - 470 MHz spectrum band (UHF Band 1 and Band 2)

Friday, 26th May 2017

LilacSat-1 with Codec2 Digital Voice transponder

The student built LilacSat-1 satellite with amateur radio 145/436 MHz FM to Codec2-BPSK digital voice transponder, APRS Digipeater and camera was deployed from the ISS on May 25 at 0845 GMT

CubeSat Workshop presentations available

The 2017 CubeSat Developers Workshop, held in San Luis Obispo CA April 26-28, was the biggest event yet, with almost 550 attendees from 19 different countries

Before Twitter and Facebook, there was Morse code

Internet histories record Jack Dorsey’s first tweet as a pivotal moment in the rise of social media. They are wrong. The history of social media began almost two centuries earlier

InnovAntennas sponsors OE3XTR beacon with new antenna

InnovAntennas have supplied a 2 element 144MHz LFA-Q for the OE3XTR 2m beacon

Special Event Station ON1418GMA

Eric ON3EE, Leon ON4VLM, Joris ON3JL, Walter ON5WAL, Niels ON3NE and guest operator Swa ON5SWA are going to commemorate the building and construction of the German military airfield and training school for pilots 100 years ago at As. The first airplane took off from here for its first war mission on the 26th of may 1917

New WIA President Announced:

The Wireless Institute of Australia Board of Directors held its first meeting in Hahndorf South Australia today electing its leadership for the year ahead. The new President is Justin Giles-Clark VK7TW, and Vice President David Ford VK4MZ. Both were elected unopposed.

CLASP Aids in Exploration of Sun's Outer Atmosphere's Magnetic Field:

A cohort of NASA scientists and an international group of researchers provided the first ever polarization measurements of ultraviolet light discharged from the outer atmosphere of the Sun.These measurements were provided with the help of the data accumulated from the from the high-precision science instrument CLASP -- the Chromospheric Lyman-Alph... [continue]

Vintage Radio and Communications Museum:

More than a century of radio history is told in these displays. The displays at the museum are arranged by decade, starting from the mid-1800s up through the 1970s. The museum also has an extensive research library in which visitors can learn more about the history and science behind radio communication.

DX News -- ARRL DX Bulletin #21:

This week's bulletin was made possible with information provided by QRZ DX, the OPDX Bulletin, 425 DX News, The Daily DX, DXNL, Contest Corral from QST and the ARRL Contest Calendar and WA7BNM web sites. Thanks to all.

Just Ahead In Radiosport:

Just Ahead In Radiosport:

Hamvention Gets Off to a Promising Start At Its New Venue:

CQ Announces Hall of Fame Honorees for 2017:

Federal Court Complaint Filed to Recover Unpaid FCC Fine In Amateur Case:

The Doctor Will See You Now!

Ned Stearns, AA7A, Elected as Southwestern Division Vice Director:

Spring Section Manager Election Results Announced:

Suquamish Tribe Hosts Regional Tribal Emergency Preparedness Conference:

Hawaii Hams Demonstrate Amateur Radio at Youth Fest:

Case Western Honors AD8Y, for Excellence In Undergraduate Teaching:

Low-Power Broadcasting Proponent Nick Leggett, N3NL, (SK):

In Brief...

Ham Radio 360: Workbench Forum from Hamvention

Remote Controlled Drones and More with Jason Howard, K6DNG - ETH070

The ARRL Letter, May 25, 2017

Red Cross Recognizes ARRL Sacramento Valley SEC - ARRL


Sunday, 3rd May 2015

Ankur Puranik Ham Radio IBN Lokmat

How hams of Disaster Amateur Radio Emergency Services set up a direct communication like between Mantralaya in Mumbai with disaster affected Nepal. We helped resolve many cases. For more ...



Friday, 26th May 2017

When Ham radio reunited brother-sister across two states

Kolkata, May 26 (IANS): Amateur radio, quintessentially a geeky hobby, has come to the rescue of a 35-year-old woman from Tamil Nadu who had ...

Thursday, 25th May 2017

Vintage Radio and Communications Museum

The facility houses a broadcast studio from the “golden age of radio,” and hosts an amateur radio station, W1VCM (as in “Vintage Communications ...

Wednesday, 24th May 2017

What I Saw at My First Maker Faire

Even an amateur radio club exhibited. Anyway, I spent half a day there absorbing the maker culture. I came away hoping the maker movement would ...

Tuesday, 23rd May 2017

Everyday People: In emergencies, a radio cure

Don Hillgaertner has operated amateur radio, commonly referred to as ham radio, for more than 50 years. He's led the team in coordination with the ...

Monday, 22nd May 2017

HAM Radio: Last Line of Defense in Disaster Communication

Matthew McGuire, coordinator of Horry County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES), states that the assistance of amateur radio operators is ...



XE3ARV1824.5 W4NU 1028W4
9A5YY435850.0 IK1FJI 1028I
KD6RF7076.0 P29LL 1028P2
WA2UFD14070.0 WA2UFD 1028WA2
W4NU1824.5 XE3ARV 1028XE3
ON6CC18106.0 E44WE 1028E4
KW7D7005.0 V31PS 1027V3
DL4JWU18141.0 4L1WW 10264L
DM2XM7166.0 HB9/DL1BD 1026HB
SP6PKR18138.0 E44W 1026E4
EA5UR21013.0 IT9PZM 1026IT9
IZ8WDH24970.0 IQ8LR 1025I
LZ2GS24945.0 E31A 1025E3
SP6PKR18105.0 E44W 1025E4
EA5ILV24945.0 E31A 1025E3
RW1C14036.0 RC0C/P 1025RC0
DL2RUF7147.0 DG5MLA/P 1025DG
DL9NAI28465.0 SV1JAB 1025SV
OE3DSB28444.0 HZ1SK 1025HZ
EA4GJP7105.0 EA2AQM/QRP 1025EA


HF spots from EU
HF spots from NA
HF spots from AS



Solar Flux: 76, A-index: 4
No space weather storms are predicted for the next 24 hours.
Report issued 2017 May 26 0905 UTC

DateSun SpotsFluxGoes
May 26, 20171976 A8.7
May 25, 20171576 A8.0
May 24, 20174778 A7.0
May 23, 20175576 A6.0
May 22, 20173574 A5.6
May 21, 20172274 A5.0
May 20, 20172472 A5.0
May 19, 20172472 A5.4
May 18, 20171372 A4.8
May 17, 20171171 A4.2
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