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Wednesday, 23rd April 2014

HRD Software, LLC Announces Extended Telephone Support Hours.

Tampa, FL March 28, 2014 HRD Software, LLC announced today that they have extended the support hours for Ham Radio Deluxe from 10 AM ET to 9 PM ET Monday through Thursday and from 10 AM ET to 7 PM ET on Friday. Tim Browning, KB3NPH and Jason Boyer, N6EY are doing phone support for the Ham Radio Deluxe product during these hours. Ham Rad... [continue]

New England Communities to Host WRTC2014

WRTC2014- World Radiosport Team Championship brings world's best contesters to New England.

Armed Forces Day Crossband Test:

The Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard are co-sponsoring the annual military/amateur radio communications tests in celebration of the 64th Anniversary of Armed Forces Day (AFD). Although the actual Armed Forces Day is celebrated on Saturday, May 17, 2014, the AFD Military/Amateur Crossband Communications Test will be cond... [continue]

One Year After the Boston Marathon Bombing, a Connecticut Resident Remembers

One year after the Boston Marathon bombing, Connecticut residents who were there are looking back and remembering. Harold Kramer, Chief Operating Officer of the American Radio Relay League, talked about his experience on WNPR’s Where We Live.

Marathon 'hams' took on vital role after Marathon bombings

Manchester native Harrison Williams, now a junior at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, was at his ham radio command post in Brookline on April 15 of last year, coordinating the "Bus Net" system for the Boston Marathon, when two explosions rocked the finish line on Boylston Street.

WPI Ham Radio Club Provides Critical Communication For Marathon

Among the thousands of volunteers working to make this year’s Boston Marathon go as smoothly as possible will be the Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s ham radio club, the WPI Wireless Association.

Guglielmo Marconi was a hacker victim

As we mark the birth of an Italian inventor on International Marconi Day, April the 26th, comes the story that one of his early exploits was hacked and caused him much embarrassment.

The 10.0-10.5 GHz Spectrum Battle Heats Up

The FCC, in its Proceeding RM-11715 is considering a Petition for Rulemaking from Mimosa Networks to create a new frequency allocation for wireless networks. If granted, this that would allow the licensing of high-power fixed microwave links in the 10.0-10.5 GHz band under Part 90, Subpart Z, using rules similar to those adopted for the 3650-3700 M... [continue]

Local amateur radio operators will be scanning for storms this summer (Ontario)

The fight to keep Cornwall and area safe from wind, rain and hail this summer will have some new allies. Local amateur radio operators will be volunteering to join the CANWARN Storm Spotter group - a collection of individuals who keep in touch with Environment Canada during major weather events to report local conditions in real-time.

Ham radio enthusiasts to tune in for Anzac Day (Australia)

JOHN Karr will pay tribute to the troops in a different way this Anzac Day. The former navy musician will be at Ballarat’s Eureka Stadium where he will take part in a world-wide ‘ham radio’ tribute.

Amateur radio operators play important role (Ohio)

Marshals Help FCC Seize NYC Pirate Gear

FCC Calls Boston Pirate Raid Justified

Morse code to ring out in Caister as part of radio celebrations (UK)

FM Inventor Recognized in Yonkers

Amateur radio making waves (Australia)

- ..- .- .-- presents 5 apps for World Amateur Radio Day

UK school pupils to use ham radio to track balloon

Heart of radio keeps on beating

Tuning in to the amateur airwaves (Australia)

Amateur radio club working on emergency communications preparedness in Estes (Colorado)

Wheaton Community Radio Amateurs 'ham' it up since 1948

SK: Patricia Jean Koella (Ohio)

FCC Releases New TV/FM Station Numbers

Ham radio a 'fascinating hobby,' enthusiasts say (Ontario)


Monday, 21st April 2014

HAM RADIO DX Into South Korea - HL5KY

2e0hts is back in the DX seat running the FT-1000 MKV and Cobweb antenna. This time 2e0hts hits the jackpot on the 15 meter band and gets a signal into South Korea getting a brand new country...



Wednesday, 23rd April 2014

Volunteer Connection National Weather Service and Amateur Radio Emergency Service team up ...

The Milwaukee/Sullivan National Weather Service Office has struck a cooperative agreement with the Racine chapter of the Amateur Radio ...

Tuesday, 22nd April 2014

Durham Hamfest brings amateur radio lovers and emergency responders together

PICKERING -- Extreme weather and prolonged power outages brought a new twist to the old hobby of amateur (aka. Ham) radio operating at the ...

Elementary school students speak with space station commander

... his question into a microphone to astronauts on the International Space Station via Amateur Radio Monday afternoon at Dixon Elementary School.

Local amateur radio operators will be scanning for storms this summer

Local amateur radio operators will be volunteering to join the CANWARN Storm Spotter group - a collection of individuals who keep in touch with ...

Home is wanted for radio ham's cards

A 90-year-old amateur radio enthusiast in Witney is looking for a loving home for his collection of 200 radio verification cards. Amateur radio operators ...



SM4EMO18105.0 VK6IR 0748VK6
SM3MTR14260.0 F5OWK 0748F
IT9LKX18071.0 WL7A 0748WL
PA9JO7170.0 PD9JO 0748PD
OZ1CWH28005.0 9M2TO 07479M2
IZ2SNY7180.0 IZ7FLP/P 0747I
SQ9DXT28400.0 YI1IRQ 0746YI
VK3JLS14209.0 C31SG 0746C3
RZ9U21310.0 IK8OJJ 0746I
4Z5LF28140.0 R3LW 0746R3
EA4AWE7095.0 EA2TW 0746EA
JA3EJG10104.0 JD1AAI 0746JD1
RK0UT24895.0 3D2RH 07463D2
JF6XQJ21261.0 YB8RXA 0745YB
UR5WH10139.0 OE3BUB 0745OE
R3BT14237.0 VK6ANC 0745VK6
VK7FRJG21310.0 IZ8OJJ 0743I
ON3VS14303.0 VK2KM 0743VK2
IK2NBW7130.0 I/HB9ETM/P 0743I
EA5CTE21260.0 VK7FRJG 0742VK7


HF spots from EU
HF spots from NA
HF spots from AS



Solar Flux: 145, A-index: 5
No space weather storms are predicted for the next 24 hours.
Report issued 2014 Apr 23 0610 UTC

DateSun SpotsFluxGoes
Apr 23, 2014136145 B2.8
Apr 22, 2014168145 B7.9
Apr 21, 2014192159 B8.5
Apr 20, 2014259163 B8.1
Apr 19, 2014263169 B8.1
Apr 18, 2014296172 B8.1
Apr 17, 2014245179 B8.7
Apr 16, 2014149184 B5.8
Apr 15, 2014105162 B6.0
Apr 14, 201495150 B4.4
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